Cat Bereavement Quilt

By |January 21st, 2012|Memorial or Bereavement Quilts, Miscellaneous Quilting, Unusual Quilts|

My good friend’s cat Felix died suddenly in his sleep and she has been having a hard time grieving for him. I’ve made many quilts for her and I knew she loved bright colors, so I made her what I call a “poster quilt” with the brightest fabric I could find and with two pictures of Felix printed on fabric. They show this sweet, laid back little fellow relaxing on the polka-dot duvet which I made for his owner several years ago. […]

From Shirts to Bereavement Quilt

By |January 15th, 2012|Memorial or Bereavement Quilts, Tie Quilts, Traditional Quilts|

A customer sent me a box full of fine cotton shirts custom made for her father in Hong Kong. Most were striped shirts in various muted colors, with white collars, but a large amount were plain white. These shirts were made of exceptionally fine cotton and felt almost silky to the touch. I used some of the shirts in the little baby quilt featured in yesterday’s blog, but the […]

Baby Quilt made from Great-grandparent’s bedclothes

By |January 15th, 2012|Appliqued Quilts, Memorial or Bereavement Quilts, Traditional Quilts|

I’ve been neglecting my blog for far too long because since October I’ve been focusing on making Christmas quilts […]

Bora Bora Bereavement Quilt

By |October 31st, 2011|Appliqued Quilts, Art Quilts, Memorial or Bereavement Quilts, Pictorial Quilts, Tie Quilts|

Bora Bora Bereavement Quilt

Soon after Marge lost her beloved husband of just three years (they had known each other for thirty years and […]

Mommy Quilts Get Appreciated

By |October 1st, 2011|Memorial or Bereavement Quilts, T-Shirt Quilts|

I love to make quilts. I totally enjoy making bereavement quilts, especially when I see how it helps those who have lost a loved one. Below is a wonderful picture […]

Bereavement T-Shirt Quilt with Mom’s Clothes

By |September 16th, 2011|Memorial or Bereavement Quilts, T-Shirt Quilts|

Bereavement T-Shirt Quilt Made from Mom's Clothes

Missy wanted a simple t-shirt quilt made from her beloved mother’s clothes. She asked if I wanted the t-shirts or the […]

Group Commissions Bereavement Quilts for Their Friend’s Kids

By |September 10th, 2011|Memorial or Bereavement Quilts, T-Shirt Quilts, Traditional Quilts|

I’ve recently finished two quilts for a young boy and girl that had an unusual origin. When their friend Dana died, twelve of her friends got together and commissioned me to make quilts from her clothes for her children, then five and seven. Below is the quilt I made for Collin, the seven-year-old boy.

Bereavement quilt for young boy made from his mother's clothes

This quilt was Collin’s choice out of five designs and it features a blue shirt of his, which he got on a special trip to […]

A Traditional Pinwheel Bereavement Quilt

By |August 24th, 2011|Memorial or Bereavement Quilts, Tessellation Quilts, Traditional Quilts|

Tessilation quilt for Lori

When I finish working on bereavement quilts for a family, I’m usually left with lots of extra material. It’s hard not to stop at that point, my urge is to use as much of the available material as I can. These shirts and trousers are precious and it is difficult […]

Chambered Nautilus Quilt

By |August 23rd, 2011|Appliqued Quilts, Art Quilts, Memorial or Bereavement Quilts, Miscellaneous Quilting, Pictorial Quilts, Unusual Quilts|

Chambered Nautilus Quilt

The quilt above is the fifth quilt I made for one family who lost their beloved husband/father two years ago. I was commissioned to make full-sized quilts for the young children out of their father’s shirts and trousers (see previous posts […]

Windmill Quilt for Lisanna

By |July 20th, 2011|Memorial or Bereavement Quilts, Traditional Quilts|

Windmill Bereavement Quilt

In the last post (above), I showed a full-sized bed quilt that I made for Lisanna out of her dad’s clothes. That ribbon quilt was for Lisanna to use when she grows up and sleeps in a regular sized bed.  Her mother and I […]