For many years I’ve had the pleasure of making quilts for family, friends and customers. Below are some comments my customers and friends say about the quality of my quilts.

A Masterpiece in its Own Right

bereavement quilt

Reception has been Wonderful

Nursing Home QuiltI was asked to make a quilt that would serve as a cover for the body bags that routinely were removed from this nursing home in Pennsylvania. The quilt was exhibited at monthly memorial services and also to enhance the body bags as the mourned resident was carried to their final resting place. My contact sent the following response:

“Hey Rosie- Just an update that we’ve used the blanket a few times now and the reception has been wonderful. The funeral director loves the idea and said he’s seen this done with the flag for veterans but nothing so nice in all his years for the general population. One of our nursing supervisors had a wonderful suggestion to use the quilt immediately after care was provided to the deceased and prior to the family returning to the room to say their goodbyes. I think the biggest impact has been on the families. All have expressed such a feeling of honor to see their loved ones cover with such a beautiful and bright quilt. We then are covering the body bag and residents have sat in the hallway and touched the quilt as it passes. I don’t know why but I really feel like this may end up having a larger influence than I anticipated. The staff really feel proud about it and it somehow brings more dignity and honor.”

The Sanatoga Center

Your Quilt Makes Every Day Easier

T-Shirt Quilt“I can't believe it will be 2 years this March since Jim passed, your quilt makes every day easier…,your work is always amazing I trust your judgement completely”

Two years ago I made a bereavement quilt for Louise out of her husband’s t-shirts. A few months she sent me this e-mail above, asking me to make another quilt for her. When she received her second quilt, this is her response:

“The package came today, I'm speechless. Taking the items out of the bags everything was so amazing one better than the next. You have such a gift and I am so glad that I found you online to do these quilts for me. The pillow gift was a wonderful surprise thank you so very much. Having these quilts to hold will always remind me of Jim and remember all the times I saw him in these shirts. Once again words cannot express how beautiful they are, Thank you so very much!!”


Your Spectacular Work

Landscape QuiltI constructed a collage for Elana consisting of pictures all relating to her father - of the skyline of Boston, of her childhood home, of the MIT Dome, and others made from her father’s ties along with various silks for background.

“I got home this evening to find your spectacular work at my doorstep. It is beyond my wildest imagination and I can't thank you enough. You have a tremendous gift. Thank you.. Thank you!”


Best Piece of Art I Will Ever Own

Bereavement Quilts"Rosie what you have made from my father's clothes is absolutely priceless. I could sit and stare at it for hours on end. It will be the best piece of art I will ever own. The only problem is I am scared to hang it. I want to cherish it the rest of my days exactly how it is. You have a certain talent from God. No one else could've duplicated all that you did from that one letter."

Much more of Tracy's e-mail is duplicated on the Story Quilt page. Also closeups of the eight pictures of the quilt that highlights important moments of her father's life.


Warmth of the Appalachian Spring Color

Appalachian Quilt"We needed a king size quilt to fill up our upstairs bed. The room is filled with wonderful antique furniture, but we really needed color in the room and we wanted something unique that would brighten up the room and complete the overall ambiance. Rosie looked at the room, suggested a variety of samples and we chose the warmth of the Appalachian Spring color (it helped that I grew up in the Great Smoky Mountains). When we saw the finished product, it was even better than we had imagined. Not only are the colors wonderful, but it provides a warmth and coziness that had been missing in our bedroom. And even though they are not supposed to be there, the two cats can’t resist sleeping in the corners as well. Rosie’s imagination and ability to match what we were looking for was a true gift. Thank you !"


This Quilt Is Just What We Wanted

Beach House QuiltSome friends of mine, Paul and Sue DuPont, commissioned a quilt for their beach house, asking only that it fit in the required space and that I somehow mirror the colors of their kitchen in the quilt. Sue wrote, "This quilt is just what we wanted! It makes a beautiful statement by bringing all of the colors in our beach home together. Rosie's artistic eye for fabric colors was beyond our expectations. We absolutely love it!"


It's So Beautiful

Bereavement Quilts"Oh my GOD !! Its sooo beautiful!!! My son (Aaron's friend) was home, and we all cried when we saw it. But of happiness, it made me happy to see it all, sorry that he seemed so young, but he was! All my husband kept saying was, "It's so beautiful" . . . "Wow" (he was very suspect of this whole thing. . . it really moved him). Alex just kept saying, "Awesome Mom". I called Scott and Martha [Aaron's parents] to let them know. . . They just sat and touched it, talking, smiling, wistful, happy and sad . . . but awestruck at what you had done, and how it spoke to them. After much tears and laughs we decided the back pockets will for now, hold tissues! The pillow is great! I think Sarah [Aaron's sister] is getting that.

I can't begin to describe the gratitude I have for having found YOU to make this happen. YOU are really something. You will never realize how many people you will touch by this quilt.Thank you sooo very much!"


Memory Quilt with My Late Husband's Ties

[caption id="attachment_1647" align="alignleft" width="300"]Tie Quilt Quilted Tie Throw - Wedding Gift to Daughter using Dad's Ties[/caption]

I asked Rosie to make a memory quilt with my late husband's ties for my daughter on the occasion of her wedding. I am thrilled with the result. She created both a meaningful memento with which my daughter can remember her father, but also a unique objet d'art, beautiful in its own right. I gave her a pile of ties, and she promptly put together some mock-ups of her ideas and emailed them to me. After considering several possibilities, we agreed on a design. I picked out a quote from a poem my daughter wrote for her father's birthday, which turned out to be his last. She embroidered the quote in the center of the quilt and added a lovely image of a mountain and a crane, which perfectly complemented the quote.

"It was wonderful to work with Rosie. She provided ideas and suggestions, then patiently took the time to help me fine-tune my wishes for the final version of the design. She is an artist, but also a deeply sensitive and spiritual individual. I felt an immediate bond with her, and she seemed to know intuitively what I had in mind."


I have always wanted a log cabin quilt

Cheryl's log cabin quiltWe got them!!! I just couldn't be more thrilled.…I truly can't wait to get it on my bed. Eric was a person who really appreciated handmade items - quilts, knitting etc. I think he would adore this - it's a beautiful pattern then to top it off it's all his favorite colors (and mine too) I have always wanted a log cabin quilt. This has been a wonderful gift - I am so happy I did this for us and more importantly I am so happy I found YOU to really do this for us… I love when I look at my log cabin that I picture the shirts and I picture Eric in the shirts... The quilts are so great to have around - much better than a sad closet full of clothes. This was one of the nicest things I could have done for myself. I wonder if you realize that when you spend your days quilting and what it means to the person who receives them?


My Quilt is Incredible

Bereavement QuiltsOh my goodness Rosie! My quilt is incredible! You've quite frankly outdone yourself! You have such an amazing gift! To use your talent in this way is a powerful ministry, I hope you know. Remembering our lives together in pictures made out of their clothing is profound beyond words....The pictures depicted are perfect and I really like the way you made them stones of the castle wall. Very ingenious! I recognize every one!!!! I can't wait to hang my quilt… have the perfect wall for it … It will be hung where I sit every morning to read my Bible and there is where I'll be able to ponder the memories of our life together and smile!  You've touched me in a deep and very meaningful way Rosie and my words cannot even come close to expressing it. Know that I'm very, very thankful! By the way, I LOVE the wedding veil that you attached to my head! It's a wonderful, whimsical touch!


Memory Quilts

Sophie with her quiltI made 15 quilts for one daughter to give to her extended family, all made from her mother’s clothing. Little Sophie poses with her quilt made from her great-grandmother’s clothes. Deonna wrote:

“I can't even speak.....wanted to assure you the box arrived and I've opened every bag now. I'll get back to you shortly, too emotional now. They are so beautiful - more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! My heart has been so heavy- I love my quilt, and will be comforted as I wrap myself in it tonight. The others will love theirs too!!

“ Rosie, I am speechless! These last two quilt pieces are absolutely stunning! The wall hanging far exceeded my vision for a special gift … thank you so much!!!


How Stunning the Quilt Is

Taylor and her quiltI have to tell you again how stunning the quilt is!  I showed some of my co-workers, all moms with varying aged children and one on the way.  Most of them were teary-eyed when I showed it to them and thought it was the most fabulous graduation gift they have ever seen!  No one except my husband knew I had this quilt made!  Taylor was literally stunned and didn't quite know what to think!  She had no idea I had been saving her shirts on the sly, planning this for years, and really could not believe it.  When she opened the box she knew they were her shirts but it did not make sense to her, and she couldn't quite figure it out until I told her.  When the quilt was pulled from the box she spent time looking at all the different shirts, going down memory lane, and thought it was the nicest gift.  My parents were also “wowed” and had never seen anything like it before.  My mom is a great seamstress and was extremely impressed by the quality of your work.  Taylor looked like she was going to cry, I think she was so taken aback by the thoughtfulness of the gift.  She said that it will be really nice to have in college because if she ever feels like she doesn't fit in she can look at all the things she has done over her life and know she will be fine.

You Captured My Husband's Spirit

Peter's memorial quiltI made quilts for the entire family (mother, son, daughter, granddaughter and grandson, Peter, whose quilt is shown. The red material came from his grandfather’s pajamas. After receiving most of the quilts, Debbie, the wife, wrote:
“As you can imagine this was an emotional weekend for Kendall, Peter and I. Not only did you capture the spirit of my husband on these beautiful quilts, but you captured the spirit of the person receiving each one. Each design was simply perfect for each of us. Little Peter slept over that night all wrapped up in his “Poppie’s Quilt”. I think I will not only think of Pete each time I touch mine but you as well. Kendall smells her dad (even though the clothes were washed and or dry cleaned). I just love them all and can’t wait to see Brooklyn’s.”