I’ve been neglecting my blog for far too long because since October I’ve been focusing on making Christmas quilts – with hardly a moment to spare.  Now that that is over, I get to show them all off.  This little beauty wasn’t made as a Christmas present, but as a gift for a baby due soon after Christmas. Shirts of this baby’s great-grandfather formed the white block backgrounds and the blue blocks and borders were made from pillow cases of the great-grandparents. The lovely blue flowered material was from their duvet and the striped material was from their bed ruffles. A white satin ribbon was used for the binding.

This is the first time I’ve ever used bedding in a quilt. The material had a satin sheen to it and was thicker than cotton usually is, but it made a perfectly lovely little quilt, which will be passed down from baby to baby in this family – and treasured as a memory of ancestors which these little ones will never have a chance to know.

I had fun designing the little figures, using clip art. These days you can find most anything on the internet.