My good friend’s cat Felix died suddenly in his sleep and she has been having a hard time grieving for him. I’ve made many quilts for her and I knew she loved bright colors, so I made her what I call a “poster quilt” with the brightest fabric I could find and with two pictures of Felix printed on fabric. They show this sweet, laid back little fellow relaxing on the polka-dot duvet which I made for his owner several years ago.

Surprised and pleased, she e-mailed me and some of her friends to say that “I received in the mail today from my friend Rosie Rhine this beautiful surprise – a memory quilt for Felix – that I thought I would share with Felix’s fan club.  Rosie’s specialty is bereavement quilts but for me she made the polka dot quilt that Felix is pictured lying on plus many other cheerful items.  This quilt is just gorgeous and so reflective of Felix’s happy nature, and it will hang in my bedroom, which was Felix’s special napping place.”

Felix leaves behind his great buddy Vlad, also a Russian Blue, and to help with the grieving a new arrival named Clarabelle has been introduced into the family.