Bereavement throw for daughter

Kendall’s Quilt

When her beloved husband died, Debbie asked me to make quilts for herself, her two grown kids – a son Peter and a daughter Kendall – and her two grand kids, Peter and Brooklyn.   Since the request came a few months before Christmas, I was only able to make one quilt before Christmas – a throw for Peter, the son (below).  The quilt shown above was made in February for Kendall.

Bereavement Quilt for Son

Peter’s Quilt

This simple but elegant throw was made from two t-shirts and three cotton shirts (specifically selected by Debbie).  I left the button’s on the two cotton shirts as well as the pockets.

Detail of Bereavement Quilt

Detail of Peter’s Quilt

Debbie requested that if possible I add a little of her husband’s swimming trunks to each quilt.  In Peter’s the trunk swatches are in each of the corners.  They are in the corner of Kendall’s as well, framed by a portion of her dad’s red tie.

The middle of Kendall’s quilt is made up of blocks consisting of squares cut from her dad’s heavy oatmeal-colored sweater, framed by strips from a purple argyle sweater and a yellow shirt.

Detail of bereavement quilt

Detail of one block in Kendall’s Quilt

The border is made up of black triangles cut from her dad’s very dressy black and silver striped shirt and cream colored and sequined satin triangles cut from her mother’s wedding dress.

I used the wedding dress in other ways as well.  Below is a picture of a pillow I made for Debbie, which she gave to her daughter.  It shows the stunning front panel of Debbie’s wedding dress sheltered by her husband’s exquisite suit jacket.  the red “tie” in the pocket is actually a swatch from the dad’s red silk pajamas.

Bereavement Pillow

Bereavement Pillow – Dad’s suit, Mom’s wedding dress

Debbie’s response upon receiving the quilt was eloquent and very much appreciated:

“Words can’t express my gratitude for making such a beautiful quilt.  I had separation anxiety when I  sent his clothes to you. When I saw the quilt it was like he came home again. It was just perfect..thank you so much and the label was perfect.”