Rosie Rhine custom quilterMy name is Rosie Rhine and I live and work out of my home in Vancouver, Washington. I’ve been quilting since 1973 when I made my first quilt, a log cabin quilt made from material saved from shirts I made for my four little boys, each piece cut out the old fashioned way – with scissors.

In 2006, I started Rhino Quilting, using a newly acquired long arm machine to quilt for myself and others. Since then the company has grown year by year, and I now have a steady clientele.

However something strange is happening to my business during these strange spring days in 2020. A horrible pandemic has swept our nation and it has slowed or stopped many businesses in their tracks. Mine is no different. I have stopped getting any new inquiries. None at all since the first of March. I am assuming that this is due to the shock most of us are in. We may have lost family members but having a quilt made is not foremost on our minds. And I understand. Most of us feel suspended in space, unsure of the future.

I’m fortunate to still have customer projects that will keep me busy, plus older customers who still need more quilts. I hope I am still able to help anyone who needs a quilt to memorize a family member or friend lost to the corona virus when the time comes. But I fervently wish that no one has had to go through that horror.


Specialization: Bereavement and Memory Quilts

Longarm quilting machineMaking unique bereavement quilts and memory quilts has become my specialty. I’m particularly fond of making these quilts which capture the spirit of a special loved one now gone. I look forward to opening a package of unknown (but precious) clothes and turning them into a beautiful quilt. Such quilts, made from the clothes of a loved one, become a unique treasure and a valuable aid in healing.

I also make quilts to memorialize a collection such as ties or t-shirts or baby clothes – or even boy scout badges.

Or any kind of quilt one could imagine.

Commissioning a Quilt

It’s easy to commission a quilt. Contact me at and together we will work on a design – or you can let me loose and be surprised! Either way, I guarantee you will be satisfied with the end product.

Working with Customers

My primary goal is to produce the best quilt I can for my customers, to pay attention to their specific needs and requests, and if possible, exceed their expectations. A bereavement quilt or a memory quilt is a highly personal item. I like to find out about the people who wore the clothes which make up the quilt.  It helps me in the process of turning their clothes into a beautiful quilt.  I strive to have everyone I help to agree with Eileen, who wrote that:

“It was wonderful to work with Rosie. She provided ideas and suggestions, then patiently took the time to help me fine-tune my wishes for the final version of the design. She is an artist, but also a deeply sensitive and spiritual individual. I felt an immediate bond with her, and she seemed to know intuitively what I had in mind.”