Bereavement T-Shirt and Logo Quilt honoring Policeman

This quilt was made for the widow of a Philadelphia policeman, showing off not only his beautiful t-shirts but many of the logos on his various shirts.  It was quilted with a Baptist Fan design, which is one of my favorites for overall consistency, providing an even, background quilting.  A t-shirt quilt is as nice as the shirts that are used and Jim’s shirts were very attractive.  Every piece on the front of the quilt came from either his t-shirt or jacket material.  I used a navy blue flannel for the back.

Jim’s wife Louise loved the quilt.  She wrote to me, “I was nervous at first sending his shirts to a stranger, but one talk with you and I knew you were a very special and caring person.”  As any of you quilters out there know, these words are golden and mean a lot.  It was an honor to make this quilt for Louise, a very visible reminder of the beloved husband with whom she shared a lifetime, a quilt to wrap around herself both for warmth and for memories.