Bereavement quilts provide great comfort to the grieving by honoring the memory of the loved one. My custom quilts are a work of art that you can wrap around you, sleep under, display or give as a healing gift to help another in their grief.


T-Shirt Quilts

Give me your t-shirts and I’ll make you a custom quilt to consolidate your memories. T-shirt quilts are great way to display a collection or remember an event. T-shirt quilts can also be bereavement quilts using the clothes of a loved one. They can provide comfort for the body and for the soul.

Tie Quilts

Tie Quilts

Custom quilts made from ties are extra specai. I can make them as bed quilts or throws, large and small wall hangings. They can be used in landscape quilts and can bring back poignant memories or honor a loved one while being a beautiful piece of art.


Other Quilts

I love to make quilts and can make any type of quilt you like, such as one made of chosen fabrics or a particular design. Click on Other Quilts and you can find custom quilts made out of baby clothes, earned badges, photos, and others. Or I can make you a custom quilt for a special occasion such as a wedding or a graduation.