Surfer Quilt – a Unique Bereavement Quilt for Daughter made from Dad’s Golf Shirts

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Surfer Quilt – Bereavement quilt made for daughter from Dad’s golf shirts

Alice loved her father, but his having been raised in America […]

Customer Satisfaction

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This picture could be captioned “A Girl with her Quilt”.  I think it expresses the joy that a person gets from a quilt of their own, whether it be a […]

Three T-Shirt Quilts for Mother and Daughters

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In the previous blog, I discussed log cabin bereavement quilts made from a young man’s cotton shirts and trousers.  Cheryl’s husband Eric took pride in his clothes, but he was […]

Sorority T-Shirt Quilt

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Finished quilt re

Recently I was asked to make a surprise quilt for my customer’s daughter Miranda out of her sorority t-shirts.  Together […]

High School Graduation Gift – Quilt for Graduating Senior

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Final Quilt 2 re Taylor’s High School Graduation Quilt

The quilt pictured above was Taylor’s parents’ gift to her as she graduated and headed to college.  I had so much fun making this quilt because of the beautiful array of t-shirts I had to chose from. The diamond configuration worked really well, as most of the logos weren’t too big and the […]

Quilt made from Cheerleader T-Shirts and Outfits

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Finished quilt re

The quilt above was made by my customer Darcy as a graduation gift for her daughter Bayli. Bayli had three […]

Bereavement T-Shirt Quilt to Honor Bill

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Quilt re without cropping Bereavement Quilt Honoring Bill

The t-shirt quilt above was made from the t-shirts of a young man who died before his time and left a family bereft with grief.  It was such a pleasure to work with these shirts, because they told me so much about this young man, and I knew it would just say “Bill” to his mother – for whom the quilt was made – and for his extended family, who pitched in together to pay for the quilt. […]

Bereavement Quilt for Mom – Beloved Son loved to Surf

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Bereavement Quilt made from son's clothes Bereavement Quilt for Mom

During the past year I have made quilts for four members of a family who lost their oldest son about seven years ago. He was a grown man who loved life, loved the water, was a surfer, and was beloved by his parents, two brothers and a sister. Only recently have I made the final quilt, one for his mother, which is shown above. […]

Bereavement Quilts for the Whole Family – First the Son, Then the Daughter

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Bereavement throw for daughter Kendall’s Quilt

When her beloved husband died, Debbie asked me to make quilts for herself, her two grown kids – a son Peter and a daughter Kendall – and her two grand kids, Peter and Brooklyn.   Since the request came a few months before Christmas, I was only able to […]

Bereavement Wall Hanging

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Bereavement Wall Hanging

The little wall hanging above was also made for Louise (see previous post) as […]