Final Quilt 2 re

Taylor’s High School Graduation Quilt

The quilt pictured above was Taylor’s parents’ gift to her as she graduated and headed to college.  I had so much fun making this quilt because of the beautiful array of t-shirts I had to chose from. The diamond configuration worked really well, as most of the logos weren’t too big and the colors made the quilt beautiful, cheerful and joyous. Taylor was a young lady who was active in many activities, from helping out at the zoo to dance class to sports.

Final Quilt Detail 2 re

Top Half of Taylor’s Graduation Quilt

I really liked the colorful border, which helped me use up the extra pieces.  The quilting pattern was a favorite – a swirling pattern to balance the angular shape of the diamonds.  Because many of the t-shirts were from Taylor’s younger years, I had to “cut and paste” to make the logo fit the template often, but fortunately it doesn’t detract.

Bottom Half of Taylor's Quilt

Bottom Half of Taylor’s Quilt

Below is a picture of Taylor displaying her quilt, which was a surprise gift:

Taylor displaying her quilt

Taylor displaying her quilt