In the previous blog, I discussed log cabin bereavement quilts made from a young man’s cotton shirts and trousers.  Cheryl’s husband Eric took pride in his clothes, but he was also a laid-back guy who had a great t-shirt collection. I suggested making smaller throws for everyone out of the  t-shirts, since every child needs a throw of their own for snuggling and the large log cabin quilts are a bit too big for that.

Each girl chose special t-shirts to go in their respective quilts. Below is Lizzy’s t-shirt quilt:

Lizzy's T-Shirt Quilt

Lizzy’s T-Shirt Quilt

Eric had a special t-shirt quilt featuring a figure skating which Chloe chose for her quilt, shown below:

Chloe's T-Shirt Quilt

Chloe’s T-Shirt Quilt

I love to get pictures from my customers showing them with their quilts. Below both Lizzy and Chloe show off their quilts.Lizzy and Chloe with their quilts.

Lizzy and Chloe with their quilts.

Eric had a nephew that was very close to him and whom Cheryl realized also “needed a quilt” – so a seventh quilt was made for Joey. It features a picture of Eric in its center and uses a number of the backs of the t-shirts in the girl’s quilts.

Joey's T-Shirt Quilt

Joey’s T-Shirt Quilt