Quilt re without cropping

Bereavement Quilt Honoring Bill

The t-shirt quilt above was made from the t-shirts of a young man who died before his time and left a family bereft with grief.  It was such a pleasure to work with these shirts, because they told me so much about this young man, and I knew it would just say “Bill” to his mother – for whom the quilt was made – and for his extended family, who pitched in together to pay for the quilt.

The family was overjoyed with their quilt, which made me very pleased.  These are some of their comments:

“Everyone loves the quilt. A couple of quotes for you:

  • Bill’s Mom:  I want to thank all of you who contributed to this tribute to Bill. It is beautiful and I know that we are loved by all of you. It means so much to me and Rick. I am looking for a wall to hang it on. I may need to get a quilt hanger. Again I thank you all and know that we love each and everyone of you.
  • Bill’s Dad:  Thanks to all that had a hand in it’s creation, it rocks.
  • It is beautiful!!!!
  • Perfect!
  • Love it, sweet heart
  • Love it – that is definitely him!
  • It is beautiful.  Deb will love it.
  • Looks awesome!