Bereavement Quilt for Nursing Home

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finished-quilt-re Quilt made for the Sanatoga Center in Pottstown, Pennsylvania to honor those who have passed away.

Nursing Home Quilt

The quilt above was […]

Customer Satisfaction

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This picture could be captioned “A Girl with her Quilt”.  I think it expresses the joy that a person gets from a quilt of their own, whether it be a […]

Thirteen Bereavement Quilts for One Customer – Part 2

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In yesterday’s blog, I stated that I made 13 quilts for one customer out of her mother’s beautiful clothes. I received clothes of every color and texture and was able […]

Bereavement T-Shirt Quilt to Honor Bill

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Quilt re without cropping Bereavement Quilt Honoring Bill

The t-shirt quilt above was made from the t-shirts of a young man who died before his time and left a family bereft with grief.  It was such a pleasure to work with these shirts, because they told me so much about this young man, and I knew it would just say “Bill” to his mother – for whom the quilt was made – and for his extended family, who pitched in together to pay for the quilt. […]

Bereavement Quilts for the Whole Family – And Finally for Debbie, his Wife

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Bereavement Quilt for Pete’s wife Debbie

Last of all, I made a simple quilt for my client, Pete’s wife, who is also a mother and a grandmother.  She loved simple traditional quilts and he had such beautiful shirts, that I was able to make a simple but very elegant quilt for her.  The blocks in the quilt are made from eight different shirts. She sent one very interesting t-shirt to be used in this quilt – the cornerstone shirts.  A tenth light blue silk shirt formed the inner border.  In the corners are bits of Pete’s swimming trunks – a special request. […]

Rosie’s Quilt – From the Beginning

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Rosie’s quilt (see Rosie’s Quilt – One of Two Quilts Made from Baby Clothes) began with a phone call from Traci, the girl’s mother, asking me to make two quilts for her daughters Rosie and Nina out of their baby clothes. They were 7 and 5 years of age at that time. […]

My attempt at making a Split Decision!

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Talk about fun!  Making this quilt was a riot – I really loved it.  First of all, I made it for a client (who was giving it as a gift to her niece) who has the same tastes in material and colors that I do – so although the materials weren’t picked by me, I loved working with them.  The materials came from clothes and fabrics that she either had, or her […]

Rainbow Array Quilt

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Rainbow Array Quilt

I think I’ve flunked as a blogger.  I started out gung-ho, blogging almost every day.  Then, with my mind geared to quilting, the blogging slipped to weekly, and lately not even to monthly.  At the end of the day, after I’ve finished what I need to do as far as the quilting is concerned, my energies for […]

Art Quilt for Tiff

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Art Quilt from Original Drawing

Above is a small quilt (can be either a wall hanging or a throw) that I made for a client.  The two pictures are blown up copies of two original drawings by Tiff Demezas, my client’s 12-year old daughter. […]

Dancing Lady Quilt

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Recently I designed and constructed The Forest Quilt to honor a beautiful lady – Gloria (see previous blogs). That quilt was made for her grown son.  Next I designed and constructed a second quilt for the daughter, who told me her mother loved to dance. I wanted a dance theme but also one that would honor the spirit of the lady.

For this quilt, I used a semi-traditional background made up of blocks which were 9 inches wide and 3 inches […]