Scrapbook Idea

Above is my latest quilt – a scrapbook memory quilt – which I made from the clothes and memorabilia of a wonderful husband for his wife.  Many of the memory quilts I make have elements of scrapbooks in them, whether they are pictures, favorite momentos, quotes, etc., but a friend of mine actually called it a scrapbook quilt when she saw it.  And I realized that it was. Ann sent me four badges, twenty pictures and a number of business cards, plus a number of t-shirts with either small or large logos.  

scrapbook memory quilt

Closeup of several pictures in the scrapbook memory quilt

Origin of Scrapbook Idea

Originally Ann wanted one quilt with all memoribilia included but also a landscape picture showing a tree or several of them.  I realized right away I couldn’t put them all in one quilt and suggested two separate quilts – a landscape picture in the form of a wall hanging using material from the t-shirts and a throw which contains all the rest of the materials.  Ann agreed.  It is pretty obvious that the man who is being honored was a man who loved trees, a professional arborist and a Christmas tree farm owner.

sccrapbook memory quilt

Closeup of Scrapbook Memory Quilt showing pictures including one in his forestry uniform

Love of Trees

Every bit of memorabilia in the scrapbook memory quilt has some relationship to trees.  I loved the rich green t-shirts and the light blue t-shirt, stating “Trees are the Answer”.  But my favorite t-shirt was a black t-shirt adorned on both sides with seven colorful leaves.

Scrapbook Memory Quilt portion

Block from Scrapbook Memory Quilt for professional arborist


For the backing, I chose a colorful extra wide backing from Backside Fabrics which mirrors the colors in the leaves above, but is cheerful and playful as well.