Art Quilt for Tiff

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Art Quilt from Original Drawing

Above is a small quilt (can be either a wall hanging or a throw) that I made for a client.  The two pictures are blown up copies of two original drawings by Tiff Demezas, my client’s 12-year old daughter. […]

Best Quilt I Ever Made? Forest Quilt and Others

By |April 29th, 2011|Appliqued Quilts, Memorial or Bereavement Quilts, Paper Pieced Quilts, Pictorial Quilts, Quilting Questions, Unusual Quilts|

In my last two posts, I written about how I made this quilt. The man who commissioned them asked me, rather rhetorically, “I’ll bet this is the best quilt you’ve ever made.” I’m not sure what answer I mumbled, but I did know that I had reached another pinnacle, even though my hold on it might be somewhat precarious. […]

Creativity is the Ability to Make Mistakes

By |April 13th, 2011|Quilting Questions|

Creativity is the ability to make mistakes. Art is deciding which ones to keep. Okay, I didn’t make that up. Scott Adams did. But is one of my very favorite quotes (as I’ve already admitted in the blog about Ronnie Noize). But I was thinking about that tonight, as I often do when quilting. I was at the end of a quilt when fabric began to bunch up – as it often does. Unless I […]