In my last two posts, I written about how I made this quilt. The man who commissioned them asked me, rather rhetorically, “I’ll bet this is the best quilt you’ve ever made.” I’m not sure what answer I mumbled, but I did know that I had reached another pinnacle, even though my hold on it might be somewhat precarious.

When I made the Rain Forest Quilt  (see below), the pinnacle was making an elaborate appliqued quilt having had little experience with applique.

And when I finished the Twilight Star quilt (see below), I achieved yet another “personal best” – a huge paper-pieced project.

But the Forest Quilt was my first attempt at designing and constructing a quilt that was all patchwork on the order of Ruth B. McDowell’s work, not depending on applique. Was it my best one? I guess that is in the eye of the beholder.