Surfer Quilt – a Unique Bereavement Quilt for Daughter made from Dad’s Golf Shirts

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Surfer Quilt – Bereavement quilt made for daughter from Dad’s golf shirts

Alice loved her father, but his having been raised in America […]

From Shirts to Bereavement Quilt

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A customer sent me a box full of fine cotton shirts custom made for her father in Hong Kong. Most were striped shirts in various muted colors, with white collars, but a large amount were plain white. These shirts were made of exceptionally fine cotton and felt almost silky to the touch. I used some of the shirts in the little baby quilt featured in yesterday’s blog, but the […]

Bora Bora Bereavement Quilt

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Bora Bora Bereavement Quilt

Soon after Marge lost her beloved husband of just three years (they had known each other for thirty years and […]

Bereavement Wall Hanging Made with Ties

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My recently widowed friend Lee liked the tie quilt which I showed on my first blog so much, she trusted me with 14 of her husband Jack’s ties and commissioned […]

The Best Tie Quilt Ever!

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Tie Collection Quilt

This being my first blog ever, I figure I ought to start out with a bang. And I have just finished a collection quilt that has to be my most professional quilt ever, so why not dub it the best tie quilt ever? My client, a retired Texas school teacher, sent me 55 ties which he said he wore faithfully during his teaching career, even when few teachers wore them. Many were gifts from his own grammar school kids, and you couldn’t find a brighter array of ties, many of them festooned with cartoon characters or school related pictures in stunning primary colors.  I used eight ties per block in the center with the yellow background: […]