Rainbow Array Quilt

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Rainbow Array Quilt

I think I’ve flunked as a blogger.  I started out gung-ho, blogging almost every day.  Then, with my mind geared to quilting, the blogging slipped to weekly, and lately not even to monthly.  At the end of the day, after I’ve finished what I need to do as far as the quilting is concerned, my energies for […]

Cat Bereavement Quilt

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My good friend’s cat Felix died suddenly in his sleep and she has been having a hard time grieving for him. I’ve made many quilts for her and I knew she loved bright colors, so I made her what I call a “poster quilt” with the brightest fabric I could find and with two pictures of Felix printed on fabric. They show this sweet, laid back little fellow relaxing on the polka-dot duvet which I made for his owner several years ago. […]

Chambered Nautilus Quilt

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Chambered Nautilus Quilt

The quilt above is the fifth quilt I made for one family who lost their beloved husband/father two years ago. I was commissioned to make full-sized quilts for the young children out of their father’s shirts and trousers (see previous posts […]

Art Quilt for Tiff

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Art Quilt from Original Drawing

Above is a small quilt (can be either a wall hanging or a throw) that I made for a client.  The two pictures are blown up copies of two original drawings by Tiff Demezas, my client’s 12-year old daughter. […]

Fun Stuff

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A friend of mine got the horrible news that she might have a hair malady in which her hair gradually falls out. I know. Not a joking manner. But in my rush to help her in some way, I made her the following small quilt (not quilted in picture).

I think she is still my friend. […]