Baby Block Quilt made from men's shirts

Here is another quilt made from fabric and clothes sent to me from one of my wonderful customers.  She likes to browse in thrift shops as well as fabric stores, however most of the shirts which you find in this quilt were culled from her family’s outcast collections of shirts.  She included enough of the dark blue denim and sandy colored fabric (taupe?)  that I was able to alternate the tops of the blocks with these appealing colors.  And since the blocks were a fairly good size, it didn’t take very long to make the quilt.  The right sides of the blocks were made from mostly blue colored fabrics and shirts, whereas the left side was made from browns and grays or some combination, plus a few dark greens.

Baby Block Quilt Detail

This up close shot shows the quilting which amounted to three parallel quilting lines per side.  Each of the sides (and the tops as well) is actually the same size, although the optical illusion makes it appear as if the blocks get larger as they get nearer.  It also appears as if you could “climb up the blocks”.

I truly enjoyed making this quilt – and my customer loved it.  It is a graduation gift for her nephew.