Talk about fun!  Making this quilt was a riot – I really loved it.  First of all, I made it for a client (who was giving it as a gift to her niece) who has the same tastes in material and colors that I do – so although the materials weren’t picked by me, I loved working with them.  The materials came from clothes and fabrics that she either had, or her mother had, or she collected along the way.  As soon as I saw the assortment, which obviously fell into two categories, I thought of the “Split Decision” pattern put out by Quilter’s Dream.  I’m not a big pattern person (usually like to make up my own), but this one caught my eye one day at The Pine Needle fabric store in Lake Oswego, Portland.  I’d been trying to find the right time to attempt it.

I was very glad I’d bought the curved ruler that allowed me to make exact cuts.  And I found that sewing on those curves was really easy, especially since there was no “matching” seams to worry about.  I did discover that if I were to make another quilt with this pattern, I’d stay away from any material with lines in it, as it was sometimes difficult to keep the lines straight.  I loved the contrast of colors, but the next time I use this pattern, I want the colors to be “very light and very dark” for more contrast.

I haven’t heard how the niece likes her quilt, but her mother told my client that she loved it and thought it was the most beautiful quilt she had ever seen!  Music to my ears.