Quilt made for 7-year old girl from her baby clothes

I have spent most of my summer making two wonderful quilts – Wonderful I think for the little girls I made them for, wonderful for the mother who chose and cherished all their outfits, towels and blankets, wonderful for their dad who dotes on his little girls, and wonderful for me because I had such fun making these quilts.  This first one was made for Rosie, the seven-year-old, whom I met briefly when I received the clothes from the parents who were traveling in the Northwest and were able to meet me at a central point in Lacey, Washington.  Rosie is a young red-haired beauty, very artistic, who loves to read and draw and is the gentler, more serene of the two girls.  Her quilt was the more traditional and the one I made first.  At a later date, I’m going to show the blocks in more detail and talk more about how I made the quilt.  Since it has been almost a month since I mailed this quilt to the client, I wanted to at least get it up onto my blog.  Tomorrow I will post Nina’s quilt.