I not only made a quilt for Sarah’s father-in-law (see yesterday’s post), but eventually she brought me some high school track shirts of her own. Again, there weren’t a lot of them, but they were shirts that meant a lot to Sarah, now grownup, a mother of two, owner of her own business.  She kept meaning to make the quilt herself, but like most of us – where was the time for that? She had a business to run, children to feed, a husband to take care of, a house to clean . . .

So she asked me to make the quilt.

The logos on these quilts were of various sizes. To make the quilt interesting and to balance out the shirts (some were large pictures, other had small ones), I framed these shirts and also added a border from the excess material. This made a larger quilt and used up more of the material. No one realizes how much fabric is in a simple t-shirt. The scraps also make great cleaning rags!

Sports T-Shirt Quilt