Bereavement T-Shirt Quilt

One of the first bereavement quilts I made was a Christmas gift from a mother to her 40-year old daughter. The daughter Angie had lost her beloved father four years before and Deb her mother thought she would have a quilt made from her late husband’s golf shirts, sweat shirts and t-shirts.

The shirts ranged from well-worn to almost brand new and the colors were striking reds, black and white for the most part. I decided a red sashing looked best (made from extra t-shirt material) and a fairly simple design, since the shirts themselves were the main design element.

I quilted it using a Baptist Fan pattern, which ensures that the quilt is well quilted but still leaves it loose enough to fold around you.

Deb wrote me that “Angie LOVED her quilt. Of course, she cried. It meant so much to her. Thanks you for such a beautiful thing! I couldn’t have picked a better source for this project. I have told all my friends (who look at me like I have holes in my head when I tell them I found you on the internet and you were all the way across the country!) how wonderful it was to work with you.”