Recently I made three log cabin quilts for a mother and her two daughters from her husband/their father’s clothes. The one above is for the mother and is a full-size quilt. I used his cotton button-down shirts for the patchwork and his trousers for the borders.

Having recently lost her young husband and having two young daughters to raise, Cheryl has had a difficult year.  To help herself and her daughters in their grief, she decided to have quilts made for each of them out of her husband’s many beautiful shirts.  After receiving the quilts, she wrote that:

“I love when I look at my log cabin that I picture the shirts and I picture Eric in the shirts… The quilts are so great to have around – much better than a sad closet full of clothes. This was one of the nicest things I could have done for myself. I just can’t get over it. I wonder if you realize that when you spend your days quilting and what it means to the person who receives them?”

Getting thank you notes like this not only helps me realize what it means to them, but also makes what I love to do that much more satisfying!

Lizzy’s quilt is below:

Lizzy's Log Cabin Bereavement Quilt

Lizzy’s Log Cabin Quilt

The central swatch in Lizzy’s quilt came from her Dad’s red bandanna, which Lizzy chose especially.  Her sister Chloe chose her dad’s blue bandanna, which can be seen in the center of each block in her quilt, shown below:

Chloe's Log cabin quilt

Chloe’s Log Cabin quilt

Chloe is a prize winning figure skater and so I attempted to make a quilted Figure Eight in the quilt.