A few years ago I made an unusual Christmas gift for the wife of my insurance agent at the time. His son was in the Navy and was currently serving in Afghanistan. I had not heard of the Blue Star Flags that mothers of children in the military could put in their windows, demonstrating their pride in their child being in military action. They have it seems been a tradition since 1917, according to the Congressional Record, which states:

“The world should know of those who give so much for liberty.
The dearest thing in all the world to a father and mother—their children.”
Also known as a Service Flag, the blue stands for hope and pride.
When family members were killed, the blue star was replaced with a gold one representing sacrifice.
A silver star stood for someone invalided home for wounds sustained overseas.

The blue star flag is a blue star against a white background, framed in red and held up by a gold rope.

Ken wanted me to make a quilted wall hanging of the blue star flag, adding the Navy insignia and the words “Blue Star Mother” to give to his wife.  Below is the quilt that I made:

Blue Star Mother Qult

The insignia was the first piece of embroidery that I attempted on my new Ellisimo machine, and unfortunately it did not come out perfectly. I have since learned how to stabilize my patterns!

Blue Star Quilt Detail

Nevertheless, I think the insignia is beautiful, don’t you?

Ken’s wife Jane loved the quilt. Better yet, she loves that her son came home safely from his tour of duty in Afghanistan.