Double Diamond Quilt Variation

By using men’s clothes in this bereavement quilt, I was introducing a variation of the usual Kaffe Fassett’s popular double diamond pattern.  I chose this pattern because of the lovely ties but also because I only had a few of them. I thought they would make an interesting frame for the plainer elements of the quilt, while I could use some of his plainer shirts to frame the more colorful items, such a rich brown sweater and a blue and green striped shirt.  Kaffe Fassett himself shows this pattern with variations such as using pastel materials as opposed to bright floral ones. But I’d never seen one made with men’s clothes.  The result was a muted, elegant throw which his daughter Sejal loved.

Double diamond quilt variation

Detail of bereavement quilt using dad’s clothes in a double diamond pattern

Another Double Diamond Quilt Variation

Below I’m showing a double diamond quilt variation made from a mother’s clothes.  It is almost an entirely different quilt. I think I could make quilts with this pattern using many people’s clothes and each time the variation would bear no resemblance to the last one.  Yet each one unique and beautiful.

Double diamond quilt variation

Double Diamond Bereavement quilt made from mother’s clothes

Yet Another Double Diamond Quilt Variation

When I made the quilt above for the daughter of the mother who wore these clothes, I also made one for her son. This mother was a dedicated church member who rarely missed a Sunday service and her daughter said she always liked to look good – the result many beautiful jackets and blouses.

Double diamond quilt variation

Double Diamond Bereavement quilt made from mother’s clothes for son

Labels are Important

Unless my customer doesn’t want a label, I always include one.  I think it is an important final element to the quilt.

Double diamond quilt variation

Label for bereavement quilt