Here is a picture of Rosie asleep under her new smaller quilt.  I first made a full-size quilt for Rosie out of her baby clothes, but it was too big for a seven-year-old, so I wanted her to have something she could use now.  I made a smaller quilt (about 55 x 45 inches) out of the scraps that were left over from the big one (see the last two posts).  Here it is in full and below that a detail of the quilt:

Quilt made from scraps of baby clothes

Detail of quilt made from scraps of baby clothes

The back of the quilt was made from minky fabric of Rosie’s color choice.

Minky back of small girl's quilt

Rosie’s mother sent me this picture of Rosie’s exuberance over her very own small quilt.

Rosie loves her quilt