Simple tesselation quilt in greens

Simple tessellation quilt in shades of green

Recently I had a customer who wanted a full-size quilt for her guestroom in green and white colors but when she told her husband what it would cost for me to make a log cabin quilt (see mockup below) he almost fainted.

Diane Irish 3 re

I suggested she ask her husband to name a price for a quilt that would keep him on his feet, and she gave me a pretty low number.  I was determined to show her and her husband that I could make a quilt for this price. (Applying a multiple quilt discount, because in the future she wanted more quilts, I figured I could meet their price if I designed a very simple but beautiful quilt.)  The resulting quilt at the top lived up to my goal in both cost and beauty.  My client loved it, I loved it and even her husband was impressed.

Final Quilt  Detail on Couch re

I used a brand new ‘flower’ template from the Circle Lord folks, which really enhanced the quilt and made it truly lovely.  I even managed to get a matching minky backing, which was something my customer desired.

Minky Back of Quilt on Couch re

This quilt was such fun to make, as it only took a few hours to cut out the material and sew it together, and the simple pattern was gorgeous, especially with the elaborate quilting pattern to enhance it’s crisp colors.  It almost looked good enough to eat, like a quilt salad!