Quilt Featuring Bengal Tiger

This 66″ x 61″ throw was made for a very thoughtful husband who gave it to his wife as a Christmas present. She loves tigers and even has a tiger tattoo. The quilt is made entirely of flannel material, except for the tiger skin fabric and the nose, whiskers and chin of the tiger which are made from some sort of glistening polyester fabric. I found the tiger skin at my local Hancock’s Fabric store, only a few miles from my home. After searching the internet for tiger skin fabrics – of which there are many – this was by far the most realistic. The background flannel fabrics were all part of my stash.

Tiger Quilt Closeup

To keep the cost down, I attached a simple border design, which happened to suit the quilt better than more elaborate ones. Although the tiger and background “bamboo” and leaves are appliqued, the overall effect is a light but warm quilt which can be wrapped around one for comfort.

I had a blast making this quilt.