Quilt made from baby clothes for 7-year old girl

The quilt above was made for Rosie, age 7, out of her baby clothes.  I’ve explained how it all began in my previous blog (Rosie’s Quilt – From the beginning).  The second block in the quilt was a request from Traci, Rosie’s mother. It shows Rosie as a new baby coming home, wearing the little outfit picked especially for her arrival.

Block showing newborn's homecoming in quilt made out of baby clothes

The little outfit had to be cut way down, of course, but it contains the very important pink appliqued insert proclaiming “Welcome Home”.  I also depict a crying baby with a pink face, because we all know that behind the wonder of a newborn child, especially your first born, there are plenty of crying spells, sleepless nights, and puzzled parenting.  The green sheet below the baby was actually a wonderful nursing shawl which the hospital provided for their nursing mothers.  I incorporated that green shawl throughout both Rosie’s quilt and her sister Nina’s quilt.

What fun!  It is nice to project Rosie, as a new mother in years to come, looking back at her quilt and reliving her own homecoming, vicariously, which her parents experienced with her, before her own memories were formed.  Perhaps Rosie, the very sweet child that she was, never ever cried!