Funny thing, I’ve sold quilts to guys as well as to gals (or men as well as women, if you prefer). I’ve mentioned Don Hearing and the two quilts I made for him some years back. One of them was for the larger of his two spare bedrooms (which had been his son’s room until he left home).

And another for his smaller spare room.

One of my favorite quilts – a bargello design.

Then one day I had to have a roofer to fix a leaky skylight in my rented studio/home. Barry, a very accomplished roofer, happened to walk through my living room when one of my wall hangings caught his eye.  He said he really liked it, noted different aspects about the design, and asked how much it cost.

He did end up with this quilt and I even made him two more quilts, one for his mother (note the label):

And one for his lady friend who love hummingbirds and flowers: