The quilt above was made for my son Ron, a piano player and composer, therefore the title, “Rhapsody in Hues”. It was made out of a wonderful silk/cotton fabric that I happened onto at Fabric Depot. My color choices were made by buying almost every color they sold! They didn’t have the glorious royal blue fabric, so I used some silk I already had. The glossy look added to the sense of movement.

The picture above shows the quilt before quilting. The gloss of the silk is apparent. I paper-pieced the “spikes”, making this a reasonable easy quilt to make, once I’d figured out the color scheme. I almost exclusively use the “fold-back wax paper” method that Judy Mathieson pioneered. Another huge help was the block design put out by EQ6.

Above is a closeup of the quilt. If you look at it for awhile, the circle almost feels as if it’s spinning.

Ron liked his quilt. A lot.

I’d like to have the time to make quilts for all the people I love – and even some I just like! But mostly I feel incredibly lucky to have finally found work that I never get tired of doing – quilting! Who would have thought I could make a living doing it – and still slip in a quilt for a son or two (or three or four!)