Two and a half years ago, I received a package of clothes from a customer who wanted me to make a quilt using these clothes.

There were short black satin dresses, dresses out of embroidered velvet, gorgeous red outfits, a stunning green-blue suit, numerous cotton skirts and dresses with floral designs, and so on.

In tomorrow’s post I’ll tell the story of how I took these clothes which had belonged to a vibrant, friendly, spirited lady and made them into a king-sized quilt for her mother.

This was my first bereavement quilt. Since then I’ve made numerous bereavement quilts, but none have touched me like this first one did.  Losing anyone you love is horrible, the grief you must go through is almost insurmountable. Losing a parent is difficult, losing a husband or wife terrible, but the grief of losing a child, no matter at what age, is beyond words.

The mother of the lady who wore these clothes had an even greater burden to bear and grief to overcome for her daughter was victim to a brutal assault by a man she knew.