I recently finished one of the most exciting projects I have had since I started Rhino Quilting. Deonna McPeters contacted me and asked me to make 13 quilts for her extended family for Christmas 2013 out of her mother’s clothes. Her beautiful mother had recently succumbed to breast cancer, after a long and valiant fight against this terrible disease. She hoped to help her family in their grief and she sent me several boxes of her mother’s gorgeous clothes with a few instructions about what she wanted in the specific quilts.

Center Detail of Deonna's Quilt

Center Detail of Deonna’s Quilt

For her own quilt, Deonna preferred I use any blue-green, blue or green materials I could find. She specifically asked me to use her mother’s brilliantly colored peacock shirt, which I made its centerpiece. In the detail above you can see the bird motif I used in the quilting.

"Survivor" caption in the border of bereavement quilt.

“Survivor” caption in the border of bereavement quilt.

Deonna requested that I put the caption “Survivor” (cut from one her mother’s t-shirts) in her quilt, as she had been a breast cancer survivor and had fought the disease courageously before it finally overtook her.

Back of bereavement quilt made for Deonna

Back of bereavement quilt made for Deonna

Recently I have noticed that more and more beautiful backsides are being made available to the public. I was fortunate to find this unusual backing for Deonna’s quilt.

I will continue showing off the other quilts I made in following blogs.