My Latest Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt

Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts are famous world-wide, so many people go out of there way to collect them. And what better way to show them off than to put them into a quilt!  Not only are they not stored away in a box, but every time you look at one you can relive your travels. The t-shirt above is my latest Hard Rock Cafe quilt, which displays the wonderful shirts which Elizabeth collected along the way.

My Third Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt

Charlene had the quilt below made as an anniversary gift for her husband, displaying not only the t-shirts but memorializing their travels together. 

Charlene's Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt Quilt

Charlene’s Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt Quilt

My First Two Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirts

Greg commissioned me to make the following two quilts as Christmas presents for his daughter and son. He had been a roving minister, traveling with his family, living in many countries as the kids grew up. They each had a lovely collection of shirts.

Brittany's Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt Quilt

Brittany’s Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt Quilt

The Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt quilt above is Brittany’s, and the one below is Kerrick’s quilt.

Kerrick's Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt Quilt

Kerrick’s Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt Quilt