Rosie’s Quilt – One of Two Quilts made from Baby Clothes

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Quilt made for 7-year old girl from her baby clothes

I have spent most of my summer making two wonderful quilts – Wonderful I think for the little girls I made them for, wonderful for the mother who chose and cherished all their outfits, towels and blankets, wonderful for their dad who dotes on his little girls, and wonderful for me because I had […]

Tiger Quilt Christmas Gift

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Quilt Featuring Bengal Tiger

This 66″ x 61″ throw was made for a very thoughtful husband who gave it to his wife as a Christmas present. She loves tigers and even has a tiger tattoo. […]

Cat Bereavement Quilt

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My good friend’s cat Felix died suddenly in his sleep and she has been having a hard time grieving for him. I’ve made many quilts for her and I knew she loved bright colors, so I made her what I call a “poster quilt” with the brightest fabric I could find and with two pictures of Felix printed on fabric. They show this sweet, laid back little fellow relaxing on the polka-dot duvet which I made for his owner several years ago. […]

Chambered Nautilus Quilt

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Chambered Nautilus Quilt

The quilt above is the fifth quilt I made for one family who lost their beloved husband/father two years ago. I was commissioned to make full-sized quilts for the young children out of their father’s shirts and trousers (see previous posts […]

Art Quilt for Tiff

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Art Quilt from Original Drawing

Above is a small quilt (can be either a wall hanging or a throw) that I made for a client.  The two pictures are blown up copies of two original drawings by Tiff Demezas, my client’s 12-year old daughter. […]

Best Quilt I Ever Made? Forest Quilt and Others

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In my last two posts, I written about how I made this quilt. The man who commissioned them asked me, rather rhetorically, “I’ll bet this is the best quilt you’ve ever made.” I’m not sure what answer I mumbled, but I did know that I had reached another pinnacle, even though my hold on it might be somewhat precarious. […]

Rhapsody in Hues

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The quilt above was made for my son Ron, a piano player and composer, therefore the title, “Rhapsody in Hues”. It was made out of a wonderful silk/cotton fabric that I happened onto at Fabric Depot. My color choices were made by buying almost […]

Blue Star Mother Quilt

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A few years ago I made an unusual Christmas gift for the wife of my insurance agent at the time. His son was in the Navy and was currently serving in Afghanistan. I had not heard of the Blue Star Flags that mothers of children in the military could put in their windows, demonstrating their pride in their child being in military action. They have it seems been a tradition since 1917, according to the Congressional Record, which states:

“The world should know of those who give so much for liberty.
The dearest thing in all the world to a father and mother—their children.”
Also known as a Service Flag, the blue stands for hope and pride.
When family members were killed, the blue star was replaced with a gold one representing sacrifice.
A silver star stood for someone invalided home for wounds sustained overseas. […]