Finished quilt re

The quilt above was made by my customer Darcy as a graduation gift for her daughter Bayli. Bayli had three adorable cheer-leading outfits, which I cut up and distributed throughout the three borders, sides and bottom. I put five  fabric pictures of Bayli and her sister and brother. The upper corner blocks were cut out of the little colorful panties of two of the outfits.

This was my first t-shirt quilt with the t-shirts huddled together in no particular order, and it was a challenge to make all the columns come out right.  But the bright colors and positive themes of the shirts really made this quilt spectacular.

Center quilt re

Being the mother of four grown boys, I didn’t realize what a high profile business cheer leading is today.  On Pinterest, this quilt is repinned almost every day to someone’s Cheer-leading board.  The amount of cheer leading paraphernalia available to both girls and coaches is phenomenal.