Design Walls are Essential

By |April 11th, 2011|Quilting Equipment|

If this means anything to anyone, I’d be surprised. It actually is my design wall (one of two) in my present home. It shows the first step (actually the second step) in my present project, which has taken up about a month of my time. I’m looking […]

Retail Therapy – Buy a Longarm Quilting Machine!

By |March 18th, 2011|Quilting Equipment|

APQS Longarm in action

After making the Mariner’s Compass quilt (see March 15 post) and the Rain Forest Quilt (see March 14 post), I had built up my confidence when it came to my professional skills. At the time I had no plans to start my own business but two things changed all that.

First, in November 2006 my lovely husband announced that he was leaving to be with another woman, a wealthy client of his who had taken a liking to him. I responded to that shock by going immediately into Retail Therapy. […]