Nina’s Quilt – Quilt made for 5-year-old using her own baby clothes

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Here is the second quilt I made this summer for the youngest girl, Nina – a […]

Rosie’s Quilt – One of Two Quilts made from Baby Clothes

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Quilt made for 7-year old girl from her baby clothes

I have spent most of my summer making two wonderful quilts – Wonderful I think for the little girls I made them for, wonderful for the mother who chose and cherished all their outfits, towels and blankets, wonderful for their dad who dotes on his little girls, and wonderful for me because I had […]

Baby Blocks for a Man

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Baby Block Quilt made from men's shirts

Here is another quilt made from fabric and clothes sent to me from one of my wonderful customers.  She likes to browse in thrift shops as well as fabric stores, however most of the shirts which you find in this quilt were culled from her […]

My attempt at making a Split Decision!

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Talk about fun!  Making this quilt was a riot – I really loved it.  First of all, I made it for a client (who was giving it as a gift to her niece) who has the same tastes in material and colors that I do – so although the materials weren’t picked by me, I loved working with them.  The materials came from clothes and fabrics that she either had, or her […]

Rainbow Array Quilt

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Rainbow Array Quilt

I think I’ve flunked as a blogger.  I started out gung-ho, blogging almost every day.  Then, with my mind geared to quilting, the blogging slipped to weekly, and lately not even to monthly.  At the end of the day, after I’ve finished what I need to do as far as the quilting is concerned, my energies for […]