Bereavement Wall Hanging

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Bereavement Wall Hanging

The little wall hanging above was also made for Louise (see previous post) as […]

Bereavement Pillow Sham

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Bereavement Pillow Sham made for granddaughter

I’ve made pillow shams before, but this was a first for me […]

Remembering Dad – A Quilt for Two Young Boys

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Brian with quilt made from father's clothes

Brian shown with his quilt which he just received as his Christmas present from mom. The quilt, made from his father’s clothes, shows various scenes with him and his dad, who died two years ago of leukemia. Brian and his brother Lucas were expecting a […]

International T-shirt Quilts

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Memory T-shirt quilt with international t-shirts

Above is one of two memory quilts I made as Christmas gifts for a brother and sister from t-shirts their father had saved. His work took him all over the world as they were growing up, and these quilts display some of the t-shirts they collected on their journeys. […]

Rosie’s Quilt – Block celebrating her Homecoming

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Quilt made from baby clothes for 7-year old girl

The quilt above was made for Rosie, age 7, out of her baby clothes.  I’ve explained how it all began in my previous blog (Rosie’s Quilt – From the beginning).  The second block in the quilt was a request from Traci, Rosie’s mother. It shows Rosie […]

Rosie’s Quilt – From the Beginning

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Rosie’s quilt (see Rosie’s Quilt – One of Two Quilts Made from Baby Clothes) began with a phone call from Traci, the girl’s mother, asking me to make two quilts for her daughters Rosie and Nina out of their baby clothes. They were 7 and 5 years of age at that time. […]

Remembering Jim – Bereavement Quilt Honoring a Policeman

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Bereavement T-Shirt and Logo Quilt honoring Policeman

This quilt was made for the widow of a Philadelphia policeman, showing off not only his beautiful t-shirts but many of the logos on his various shirts.  It was quilted with a Baptist Fan design, which is one of my favorites for overall consistency, providing […]

Nina gets her Quilt

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Nina on quilt made from scraps of baby clothes

After making Rosie and Nina large quilts out of their baby clothes, I made each girl a smaller quilt from the scraps and backed it with a minky of their choice.  Nina loves animals and wanted a zebra skin black and white backing: […]

Quilts for Now – Small Quilts Made from Scraps of Big Quilts

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Here is a picture of Rosie asleep under her new smaller quilt.  I first made a full-size quilt for Rosie out of her baby clothes, but it was too big for a seven-year-old, so I wanted her to have something she could use now.  I made a smaller quilt (about 55 x […]

Nina’s Quilt – Quilt made for 5-year-old using her own baby clothes

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Here is the second quilt I made this summer for the youngest girl, Nina – a […]