Sorority T-Shirt Quilt

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Finished quilt re

Recently I was asked to make a surprise quilt for my customer’s daughter Miranda out of her sorority t-shirts.  Together […]

High School Graduation Gift – Quilt for Graduating Senior

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Final Quilt 2 re Taylor’s High School Graduation Quilt

The quilt pictured above was Taylor’s parents’ gift to her as she graduated and headed to college.  I had so much fun making this quilt because of the beautiful array of t-shirts I had to chose from. The diamond configuration worked really well, as most of the logos weren’t too big and the […]

Quilt made from Cheerleader T-Shirts and Outfits

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Finished quilt re

The quilt above was made by my customer Darcy as a graduation gift for her daughter Bayli. Bayli had three […]

Simple Quilts can be Gorgeous

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Simple tesselation quilt in greens Simple tessellation quilt in shades of green

Recently I had a customer who wanted a full-size quilt for her guestroom in green and white colors but when she told her husband what it would cost for me to make a log cabin quilt (see mockup below) he almost fainted. […]

Bereavement T-Shirt Quilt to Honor Bill

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Quilt re without cropping Bereavement Quilt Honoring Bill

The t-shirt quilt above was made from the t-shirts of a young man who died before his time and left a family bereft with grief.  It was such a pleasure to work with these shirts, because they told me so much about this young man, and I knew it would just say “Bill” to his mother – for whom the quilt was made – and for his extended family, who pitched in together to pay for the quilt. […]

Tree of Life Bereavement Quilt

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Bereavement Quilt - Tree of Life “Tree of Life” Bereavement Quilt

I recently made a series of quilts for a mother who lost her daughter to cancer. Katie her daughter had struggled with tumors all her life and eventually the cancer won, when she was only in her thirties.  Her mother wanted a quilt for her young granddaughter, made from Katie’s clothes, which I made. Eventually I also made one for the mother.  The quilt above is the one I made for the mother. […]

Bereavement Quilt for Mom – Beloved Son loved to Surf

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Bereavement Quilt made from son's clothes Bereavement Quilt for Mom

During the past year I have made quilts for four members of a family who lost their oldest son about seven years ago. He was a grown man who loved life, loved the water, was a surfer, and was beloved by his parents, two brothers and a sister. Only recently have I made the final quilt, one for his mother, which is shown above. […]

Bereavement Quilts for the Whole Family – And Finally for Debbie, his Wife

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Bereavement Quilt for Pete’s wife Debbie

Last of all, I made a simple quilt for my client, Pete’s wife, who is also a mother and a grandmother.  She loved simple traditional quilts and he had such beautiful shirts, that I was able to make a simple but very elegant quilt for her.  The blocks in the quilt are made from eight different shirts. She sent one very interesting t-shirt to be used in this quilt – the cornerstone shirts.  A tenth light blue silk shirt formed the inner border.  In the corners are bits of Pete’s swimming trunks – a special request. […]

Bereavement Quilts for the Whole Family (continued) – Then the Grandkids

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Young Peter's quilt Young Peter’s quilt

After finishing quilts for my client’s son and daughter (see previous blog), I made a small quilt […]

Bereavement Quilts for the Whole Family – First the Son, Then the Daughter

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Bereavement throw for daughter Kendall’s Quilt

When her beloved husband died, Debbie asked me to make quilts for herself, her two grown kids – a son Peter and a daughter Kendall – and her two grand kids, Peter and Brooklyn.   Since the request came a few months before Christmas, I was only able to […]