T-Shirt Quilts

T-shirt quilts are becoming increasingly popular as a way to display a collection or remember an event or as bereavement quilts, quilts made out of the clothes of a loved. They also make great quilts.  If you have any questions or would like me to make you a T-Shirt Quilt, please contact me at RosieR or call me at 360-213-7019. To give you some ideas of what I can do for you, below are examples of t-shirt quilts I have made.

21st Birthday Gift – Lindsay’s T-shirt Quilt

T-Shirt Quilt made to celebrate 21st birthday

T-Shirt Quilt made to celebrate Lindsay’s 21st birthday

Certain t-shirts lend themselves to a ‘hodge-podge’ style as there is nothing uniform about this wonderful collection of t-shirts amassed by a 21-year old Lindsay. This was her surprise!

Samantha’s Graduation Sorority T-Shirt Quilt

Samantha's Sorority T-shirt Quilt

Samantha’s Sorority T-shirt Quilt

Samantha chose the hodge-podge pattern for her precious collection of sorority t-shirts. Her mother gave this to her as her graduation gift and she loved it.

Memory T-shirt Quilts – A Retired Firefighter’s Quilt

Tommy's Memory Quilt - T-shirts from Firefighting Days

Tommy’s Memory Quilt – T-shirts from Firefighting Days

T-shirt quilts aren’t just for girls!  The quilt above displays one firefighter’s collection of t-shirts gathered over the years. His wife said Tommy fell in love with it as soon as he saw it. As befitting an organized collection, this quilt has a plan and a theme.

T-Shirt Collection of Job’s Daughters shirts

Job's Daughter's T-Shirt Quilt

Job’s Daughters T-Shirt Quilt

Everyone’s t-shirt collections are different and personal. Mary has worked with Job’s Daughters for years and has a wonderful collection to display.-

Graduation Gifts – Taylor’s Quilt

Graduation Gift for Taylor

Graduation Gift for Taylor

I like to make t-shirts that are distinctive, no matter what the number of t-shirts are. Each t-shirt quilt I make is customized according to the needs of the customer.

Graduation Gift – A Quilt for a Cheerleader

Graduation Gift - T-Shirt for a Cheerleader

Graduation Gift – T-Shirt for a Cheerleader

Different types of t-shirts call for different styles of quilts. This popular hodge-podge style is always unique. It fits the t-shirts and costume of a cheerleader.

Graduation Gifts – Sports Shirts

Dane's Graduation Gift - Sports Quilt

Dane’s Graduation Gift – Sports Quilt

Here is another surprise graduation gift that Dane’s mom had me make for him. For large shirts with large logos, a block form such as the one above shows off the shirts to the best advantage. The biggest logos go in the center, and the smaller ones form a border around it.

Graduation Gifts – Sorority Quilt

Graduation Gift - Sorority Quilt

Graduation Gift – Miranda’s Sorority Quilt

This sorority t-shirt quilt also uses the hodge-podge style. This large collection of bright and colorful t-shirts lends itself to the style, especially since the logos on the shirts are of varying sizes.

Sports Quilt – Caitlyn’s Quilt

Caitlyn's Sports T-shirt Quilt

Caitlyn’s Sports T-shirt Quilt

Caitlyn’s mom contacted me after her daughter saw my work on Pinterest.  She already knew she wanted the ‘hodge-podge’ style for her quilt, which is always a great choice when there are lots and lots of t-shirts.

Sorority Quilt – Collette’s Quilt

Sorority Quilt - Collette's T-Shirt Quilt

Sorority Quilt – Collette’s T-Shirt Quilt

Collette wanted to see her collection of sorority t-shirts rather have them stay in a box. This pattern frames each logo distinctly and displays her collection very nicely.

Treasured T-Shirts – Carlos’ Quilt

Treasured T-Shirts - Carlos' Quilt

Treasured T-Shirts – Carlos’ Quilt

My granddaughter Megan collected her boyfriend’s old t-shirts for a quilt. Since he treasured these old t-shirts, he had a hard time releasing them although they were quite worn. He loves his finished quilt however and now can easily access all those memories yet have a warm quilt as well.

Sport Shirts Collection – Sierra’s Quilt

Sports T-Shirts - Sierra's Quilt

Sports T-Shirts – Sierra’s Quilt

To display Sierra’s beautiful collection of cared for sports shirts, I chose a unique pattern – a play on the ‘baby block’ style.  Sierra loved it!

Sport Shirts Collection – Chris’s Quilt

Chris' Sports T-Shirt Quilt

Sports T-Shirts – Chris’ Quilt

Some kids are lucky enough to have a mother who recognizes how wonderful a quilt can be if made out of their favorite t-shirts. Chris received this birthday present when he was in the eight grade.  It also included some of his scout badges.

Track Team T-Shirts – Sarah’s Quilt

Track Shirts - Sarah's T-Shirt Quilt

Track Shirts – Sarah’s T-Shirt Quilt

Sarah saved all her high school track t-shirts for the day when she could make them into a quilt. Now married, a mother of two, a small business owner, Sarah never found the time to make her quilt. Don’t wait until that someday that never comes. Contact me and discuss the possibilities of turning your collection into a quilt NOW.

Father-in-Law’s Christmas Gift – T-Shirt Quilt

Sarah’s father-in-law collected t-shirts from auto racing shows, so many his wife threw away a bunch of them. Sarah collected a few that were left and I made the quilt shown below. Below he is shown proudly showing off his new quilt. This is an example of a t-shirt quilt made with just a few shirts.

Click on picture to enlarge it.

Shannon’s T-Shirt Quilt

Wife’s Gift to her Husband – T-Shirt Quilt Made from t-shirts belonging to their Beloved Son

Shannon's Quilt - T-Shirt Quilt made for Father of Beloved Son

Shannon’s Quilt – T-Shirt Quilt made for Father of Beloved Son

Soon after they lost their son Shannon to a motorcycle accident, his mother contacted me, wanting to know if I could tell her husband on his birthday which was coming up that he would be receiving a quilt made from Shannon’s t-shirts.  Of course I told her she could. She contacted me when I had finished the quilt but hadn’t taken it to be delivered, asking is she could get a picture of it before she received the quilt. She said she was having a difficult day and knew it would cheer her up. In most cases I like for people to actually see their quilt for the first time rather that see the picture of it – but of course in her case I agreed.  I love this quilt.  They do too.

Shannon's Dad displaying the quilt made from his t-shirts.

Shannon’s Dad displaying the quilt made from his t-shirts.

The photos they sent me were beautiful and truly enhanced this quilt.

Mother’s Christmas Gift for Daughter – Quilt Made Out of Dad’s T-Shirts

Angie's Quilt - Dad's T-Shirts

Angie’s Quilt – Dad’s T-Shirts

One of the first t-shirt quilts I made, this bereavement t-shirt quilt shows how a simple design can be beautiful. It also demonstrates the need for sashing (the frame around each quilt) when light colored (or dark-colored) shirts are displayed side by side.

Bereavement Gift – Aaron’s T-Shirt Quilt

Aaron's Quilt re

Bereavement Quilt – Aaron’s T-Shirt Quilt

“Remembering Aaron” was a t-shirt quilt honoring a young man’s life. This was a gift to the family, and one of my first bereavement quilts. Two artistic items – the white sashing and the diamond shaped blocks – added to the intrinsic beauty of the t-shirts. Pockets from his blue jeans were attached to the back with labels. His mother said they would be used for tissues.

Bereavement T-Shirt Quilts – Gifts for a Young Family

Bereavement T-Shirt Quilt - Cheryl's Quilt

Bereavement T-Shirt Quilt – Cheryl’s Quilt

Lizzy's t-shirt quilt re

Bereavement T-Shirt Quilt – Lizzie’s Quilt

Chloe's t-shirt quilt re

Bereavement T-Shirt Quilt – Chloe’s Quilt

These three throws were made for Cheryl and her two daughters from her husband Eric’s t-shirts.  I also made the family log cabin quilts from his cotton button-down shirts. Similar patterns were used throughout, with the distinctive sashing made from three of his striped shirts. Each one chose which t-shirts they wanted in their quilts.

Bereavement T-Shirt Quilt – Bill’s Quilt

Bereavement Quilt - Bill's T-Shirt Quilt

Bereavement Quilt – Bill’s T-Shirt Quilt

Above is another example of how a few t-shirts can be turned into a beautiful quilt using a simple pattern. Bill’s family joined together to help Bill’s sister commission this quilt for their mother, which helped her in her grief at losing her lovely son Bill. Each person wants a quilt that speaks directly to them.  This one says “Bill” to his mother.

Rick’s Anniversary T-Shirt Quilt

Rick's Anniversary T-Shirt Quilt

Rick’s Anniversary T-Shirt Quilt

Rick’s t-shirt quilt is a perfect example of a very beautiful, extremely simple t-shirt quilt.  If the “clothes make the man”, then the “t-shirts make the quilt.”  No sashing or extra special borders required. Large logos make large quilts – this one was approximately 90 inches square.

Missy’s Gift to Herself – Bereavement T-Shirt Quilt

Bereavement Quilt - Missy's T-Shirt Quilt

Bereavement Quilt – Missy’s T-Shirt Quilt

A second example of a beautiful but simple t-shirt quilt is Missy’s tribute to her mother.  The t-shirts were in perfect shape. Unfortunately I didn’t get the best picture of this quilt – which was truly beautiful.  Missy loved it.

Christmas Gifts to a Son and a Daughter – Two T-Shirt Quilts

Christmas Gifts to Son - Kerrick's T-Shirt Quilt

Father’s Christmas Gift to Son – Kerrick’s T-Shirt Quilt

Christmas Gift from Father - Brittany's T-Shirt Quilt

Father’s Christmas Gift to Daughter – Brittany’s T-Shirt Quilt

Both quilts above were gifts from a father who traveled extensively throughout the world when his children were growing up. These quilts display the t-shirts they collected from their journeys, and were a delightful Christmas surprise. Diamond shaped blocks were possible because the logos were not too big, except for the few in Kerrick’s quilt which were showcased in the center.

Bereavement T-Shirt Quilt – Glenna’s Crazy Quilt

Bereavement Quilt - Glenna's Crazy Quilt

Bereavement Quilt – Glenna’s Crazy Quilt

Who would have thought you could make a crazy quilt out of t-shirts? Glenna preferred this pattern to all things geometric when her husband died and she was left with t-shirts and sweatshirts to dispose of. For the sake of unity amid chaos, I used the same pattern in all the blocks, but simply turned the blocks around a bit.

Various Bereavement Quilts – T-Shirts Used with Other Clothing

One of six bereavement quilts made for one family honoring brother Micah

One of six bereavement quilts made for one family honoring brother Micah

More and more I am making quilts that cannot be called t-shirt quilts, but that incorporate t-shirts within the quilt. On the Bereavement page, I show six such quilts (for five siblings and their parents), each one having a center display of selected t-shirts.  Above is Jonathan’s quilt. Cotton button down shirts were used in the large borders, each person getting a different design.

Bereavement Quilt using T-Shirts and Other Shirts

Bereavement Quilt using T-Shirts and Other Shirts

In Peter’s quilt above, I used both front and back of two of his father’s cotton shirts, plus a Hawaii shirt in the center, along with the two t-shirts displayed on the four corners.

Bereavement Quilt - Cathie's Quilt Honoring Ben

Bereavement Quilt – Cathie’s Quilt Honoring Ben

Cathie’s Quilt made to honor her son Ben is a beautiful example of t-shirts incorporated into a bereavement quilt. The center mariner’s compass was made from t-shirts, as are various blocks throughout, although much of the quilt was made from Ben’s large collection of regular cotton and rayon shirts. Really, in a bereavement quilt – anything goes. I’ve even incorporated hats. Ben’s little christening sweater is sewn into the very center of the quilt.

Bereavement Lap Quilt - Made for Mother out of a very few clothing items

Bereavement Lap Quilt – Made for Mother out of a very few clothing items

This small quilt illustrates that a memory quilt can be made from just a few items.  Often people have given away almost all the clothing since they never thought about having a quilt made. Lionel’s sister-in-law had me make this lap quilt for his mother using two t-shirts, a pajama top, and an old wool cap (corners).  Vernice was quite moved when she received this quilt honoring her son Lionel.

Bereavement Quilt - Collin's Quilt - Remembering Mom

Bereavement Quilt – Collin’s Quilt – Remembering Mom

The inner circle of Collin’s Quilt was made using his Mom’s t-shirts. Collin was just a young boy when twelve of his mother’s friends joined together to have quilts made for Collin and his younger sister Mackie out of their mother’s clothes. The blue in the center was from one of Collin’s t-shirts which was bought for him when the family was in France. Below is a picture of Collin and Mackie with their quilts.

Collin and Mackie displaying their bereavement quilts made from mom's clothing

Collin and Mackie displaying their bereavement quilts made from mom’s clothing