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Specializing in Bereavement / Memorial Quilts

My specialty is bereavement quilts. Having a quilt that honors your loved one can be an unexpected comfort. A memorial quilt is something beautiful that you can hold, wrap around yourself, sleep under, display or give as a poignant gift to help with the healing process.

What To Do With Their Clothes?

Having just lost a loved one, figuring out what to do with their clothes is often a confusing problem at a time when you are already overwhelmed with grief. If you aren’t ready to give the clothes away because you cherish them and the memories they embody, but don’t want to pack them away in boxes, then having a quilt made from these clothes may be your answer. Their clothes are transformed into a tangible memorial to your loved one in the form of a quilt.

Custom Design

I often collaborate with my clients for a customized design for their quilt but some prefer to leave it up to me entirely. On the Memorial/Bereavement page you can see examples of both approaches. While it is especially comforting to use the clothes or ties of your loved one, I can make a memory quilt without them. Memory quilts can also be made for special occasions or to use a collection of clothes, ties, or other saved items in a unique manner.


Please check out the Memorial/Bereavement Page for examples of quilts I have made.

Other Quilting Services

In addition to bereavement quilts, I can also provide you with:

  • Any sort of quilt you’d like (custom order)
  • A baby or kid’s quilt
  • A contemporary wall hanging
  • A unique gift
  • Quilting services (I have an APQS longarm machine and do quilting for others.  Call for details.)

Rosie_and_quiltMy name in Rosie Rhine.  My business is to provide you with a custom quilt which will enhance your life, whether it be a treasured heirloom or a special gift.  I look forward to hearing from you and will be glad to answer any questions.  If you live in the Vancouver, Washington or Portland, Oregon area, I can come to you for consultations.

For more information call me at 360-213-7019 or e-mail me at rosie@rhinoquilting.com

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“Remember Me” Quilts

Rhino Quilting is looking for the clothes of very special people - people whom you have loved and lost but whom you will always remember. I propose to create a living memorial with these clothes, a beautiful bereavement quilt which honors their life, captures their spirit, and helps you heal. You must be willing to:
  • Share personal details so that I can tell their unique story
  • Relinquish some of their clothes to use in making the quilt
  • Trust my artistry and intuition to honor them in this way
  • In return, I will dedicate my time and energy to create a beautiful, tangible, usable memorial to your loved one that will become a treasured heirloom. Memory Quilts

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